Precarious situations in the main do not manifest themselves overnight. They announce themselves, slumber in secrecy and diverse themselves. If a crisis strikes, pragmatic action is required.
In such situations it is advisable to integrate an external adviser. Arriving at the root of a problem often affords distance from internal complexities.

The ipc Management advisers are available to you immediately and accompany you as long as you wish.


Our many years of experience in Change Management as well as evaluation of important commercial indicators will be to your advantage.
Without experimentation we deal with the situation as required, documenting perspectives capable of development and implementing solutions. Since every crisis can be a turning point when properly utilised the future can be made more successful.

With a sure hand ipc Management can steer your ship away from tumultuous seas into calm waters - whether as Interim Managers, advisers or coaches!
Because crises usually announce themselves in the long term, collaboration with ipc Management is also worthwhile even without acute crisis symptoms. Your ipc-Management adviser can setup  with you a comprehensive Risk Management package to identify current recognisable danger and minimize them with suitable countermeasures. Then prevention is better than cure.


Decisive, informed and future orientated


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