With good tax balances alone one can no longer impress during a financing consultation with the banks. Here it depends above all on the whole presentation. Besides the hard economic data factors come creative elements like your enterprise philosophy or your leadership style. The latter counts even more if it is about the creation of a new enterprise whose success does not depend exclusively on the quality of  achievement, but also from appropriate financing.

ipc Management accompanies you as a reliable partner in this sensitive situation and offers you precisely the analyses and calculations required to be armed well for the financing of your enterprise.

No matter whether investment planning, finance planning, benchmark, economic efficiency calculations or cost control – ipc Management supports you competently and precisely according to your requirements.

Naturally we also accompany you to bank consultations and make the necessary preparations with you. Alternatively we can take over the search for alternative sponsors and investors. We offer you an element of security in this decisive situation.


Controlled, economic viability and visionary


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